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Missouri Golf Courses - Recent Reviews

Franklin County

Location:  Washington, MO

Address: 6413 Country Club Road, Washington, MO 63090

Phone: (636) 239-6678

Type: Private

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Comments:  Franklin County Country Club is located in Washington/Krakow, MO about 30 miles west of St. Louis. FCCC is as nice a rural country club as you will find in Missouri. Since Washington, MO is so close to St. Louis I am hesitant even calling it a rural club, but I expect that almost every member is from Franklin County.

The course was built on rolling hills with zoysia fairways and tees. The medium-sized greens have some pretty significant breaks and are faster than you typically see on a rural course. They are generally in excellent condition, rolling true. The only trouble spots on the greens are where air flow is restricted. The roughs are a consistent, thick fescue cut short enough that lost balls will be kept to a minimum. All grasses are in excellent condition. Portions of the fairways are very narrow but fairly well groomed. The sand traps, too, are in fairly good condition but, to compete with the nicer clubs in STL, need a little more edging. The course is in excellent condition and is a good value, particularly compared to STL clubs.



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The Country Club

Location:  Belton (Kansas City), MO

Address:  16750 Country Club Dr., Belton, Missouri 64012

Phone: (816) 322-2117

Type:  Private

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 Comments:  The first few holes at The Country Club at Loch Lloyd are some of the prettiest in the state. Like its sister course, The National, Loch Lloyd provides a difficult test of your golf skills and is immaculately groomed and maintained. The course is tough, with a 144 slope from the tips. Hazards and trouble abound: creeks, lakes, OB, many, many white fluffy bunkers and large, super-fast greens. The greens have a high level of complexity and if you are able to complete a round with NO 3-putts, you are a better man (or woman) than me. This is a very tough course but also a lot of fun. The beautiful roughs (rarely is “beautiful” used as a descriptor of roughs) are consistent and reasonably short so lost balls are kept to a minimum. Many spectacular homes surround the course which adds to its splendor. Like many finer clubs, there are no tee markers so I got lost a couple of times but this course is not open to the public and members know where they are going.

The original front nine was replaced many years ago but it is still available to members for play. It is called the Sechrest Nine and, if I belonged here, I would play this nine often particularly since it gets much less play. Sechrest’s fairways are bentgrass and it is much more narrow and has smaller greens than the 18.

If you know someone who belongs to The Country Club at Loch Lloyd, get yourself invited to play.

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The Golf Club

Location:  Kansas City, MO

Address:  1112 E 163rd St., Raymore, MO 64083-8392

Phone: (816) 331-2621

Type:  Semi-Private

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Comments:  The Golf Club at Creekmoor in Kansas City / Raymore, MO is so perfect and there are sooooo many houses surrounding the course, it almost feels like “The Stepford Golf Course” or a golf cult of some sort. If so, sign me up! Seriously, this course is beautiful. It is immaculate. No weeds. No bare spots. Not a blade of grass out of place. The plethora of sand traps are fluffy white and raked to perfection. It is maybe the best groomed and maintained courses in the state. But . . . there are no trees. I saved Creekmoor for the fall so that I could showcase this beautiful course with the changing leaves. Yeah, not so much. The first few holes of the back nine are still virgin and the trees have not been replaced by houses so play it while you can. We have to assume that Creekmoor is the ultimate in planned golf communities. Shoot, they even have their own schools. To maximize the number of houses adjacent to the course, you weave in and out of streets, making the distance between green and tees inordinately long in many cases and, therefore, discouraging most players from walking. All of the grasses are perfect, almost fake looking (I wish the carpet in my living room was as nice as the tee boxes). The greens are large with some significant undulation on a few holes. The green fees are fairly expensive, but since this is one of the nicest courses you have the opportunity to play, without being a member, it is actually reasonable.


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