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Missouri Golf Courses - Recent Reviews

WinterStone Golf Course, Kansas City, Missouri Golf Courses


Location:  Kansas City, MO

Address: 17101 E Kentucky Rd, Independence, MO 64058

Phone: (816) 257-5755

Type: Public

Rating (1 to 5):  

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Comments:  WinterStone Golf Course is absolutely a great public course, located in Kansas City. I think it is one of the best in Missouri and an excellent value. The greens, tees and fairway grasses are among the best in the state. The roughs are thick and lush but too long for my taste. Besides making it more difficult to find your ball, you will need to add one or two clubs distance for most balls out of the rough. As the assistant pro, Jeremey Bailey, said “Yep, they’re ‘healthy’.” Each of the of medium-sized greens are fast and are protected by a well-manicured large sand trap. WinterStone also has the widest cart paths I have seen which wind through the course and make it virtually impossible to get lost. WinterStone is another example of why KC boasts of the best public courses in the state. So far the tally is: Best Public Courses – Kansas City, followed by Branson. Best Private St. Louis.



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Location:  Bethany, MO

Address:  29398 W US Highway 69 Bethany, MO 64424-7182

Phone: (660) 425-3745

Type:  Semi-Private

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 Comments:   If Bethany Country Club in Bethany, MO had an irrigation system for the fairways, roughs and tee boxes this would be a gem in NW MO. The layout of the course took full advantage of the topography and was a lot of fun. To play this course well, you will need to be able to shape your shots and hit accurately. The greens were in fairly good condition, albeit very slow. But, the rest of the grasses were pretty much toasted from the lack of rain, like most of the other courses in Northwest Missouri.

Richard Gibson, a member of Bethany Country Club, was a very knowledgeable tour guide and had great insights into the course and the other courses in the region. Thanks Rich.

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Location:  El Dorado Springs, MO

Address:  509 W Fields Blvd, El Dorado Springs, MO 64744

Phone: (417) 876-2551

Type:  Public

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Comments:  Gene Pray Memorial Golf Course in El Dorado Springs, MO is a municipal course and is one of the best golfing values in SW MO. The greens are relatively small with some, albeit minimal, undulation. The fairways, tee boxes and greens were all in reasonable condition, although most of the greens had a few trouble spots but these are likely weather-related and should be OK with some cooler temperatures and consistent moisture. Gene Pray Memorial Golf Course is a good track, particularly for a rural, municipal course. El Dorado Springs has an excellent asset here and should be proud. Dick Gardner, the club house manager, was a knowledgeable and cordial host.


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