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Sun Valley Golf Course

Sun Valley
Golf Course

Location: Elsberry

Address: 192 S Highway W, Elsberry, MO 63343

Phone: (573) 898-2613

Type: Public

Holes: 18

Par: 71

Quality/Cost Ratio (1 -10): 7.5

Course Condition: 6.0 (greens were a 9)

Difficulty: 8.5

Fairway Grass: Zoysia/Blue Mix

Green Type: Pencross

Rough: Mix of inconsistent grasses. Short.

Stimpmeter: 7.5

Club House: Small, with minimal snacks.

Walkability: 3.0

Slope: 105 to 124

Yardage: 5,160 to 6,607

Overall Rating:


Comments: As the name implies, Sun Valley is in a valley that makes for a picturesque setting. I was lucky enough to be at the course at sunrise and it was glorious. It is a very hilly course with greens that are almost perfect; most were so nice they looked fake. Besides the greens' Pencross grass, the rest of the course's grasses are inconsistent and in need of a little TLC is spots. I lost more balls than usual because of: 1) my unfamiliarity with the course and 2) the narrow fairways in certain spots. Several holes were really difficult, like the par 4 4th hole, which was 453 from the tips, straight up hill. I also do not remember another course in MO, so far, that had anything longer than the 720 yard par 6 5th hole. If you are looking for a course in the NE MO area, I would definitely try Sun Valley. The Par 6 is worth the drive. For more pictures of the course go to: www.facebook.com/mogolftour

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Eagle's Bluff Golf Course

Eagle's Bluff
Golf Course

Location: Clarksville

Address: 16500 MO-79, Clarksville, MO 63336

Phone: (573) 242-3309

Type: Public

Holes: 18

Par: 72

Quality/Cost Ratio (1 - 10): 7.5

Course Condition: 3.0

Difficulty: 8.0

Fairway Grass: Mix/Zoysia

Green Type: Bent

Rough: Mix, lots of weeds

Stimpmeter: 7.5

Club House: Small, minimal snacks

Walkability: 4

Slope: 103 - 129

Yardage: 4,872 - 6,993

Overall Rating (1 to 5):


Comments: This is an interesting and unique course. It has good bones and could be a great course. They added an additional 9 holes in 2012 and the new holes have not developed yet. So, half of the course would rate 3.5 balls (out of 5) and the other half would rate about 1.5. Some holes are picture perfect; others not so much. The course is fairly open with a lot of little surprises lurking at every corner, like: lakes, mounds, sand, tufts of cottontails and other plants, etc. The course is currently not on Garmin, so that made it a bit more challenging for me. If Eagle's Bluff was in better condition it would be a "must-play" in Missouri. It's not quite there yet, but if you are in the neighborhood, you should experience it for yourself. Interestingly, they have another 700+ yards hole. But, this one is just a Par 5 . . . straight downhill. For more pictures of the course go to: www.facebook.com/mogolftour

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Pike County Country Club

Pike County
Country Club

Location: Louisiana

Address: 19538 US-54, Louisiana, MO 63353

Phone: (573) 754-7944

Type: Private

Holes: 9

Par: 36

Quality/Cost Ratio (1 -10): n/a

Course Condition: 6.0

Difficulty: 6.5

Fairway Grass: Zoysia

Green Type: Bent

Rough: Short; mix, including many weeds

Stimpmeter: 7.5

Club House: Did not get the chance to go inside

Walkability: 8.5

Slope: 118 - 119

Yardage: 2,966 - 3,072

Overall Rating (1 - 5):

Comments: First of all, it is never a good sign when the land line of a country club has been disconnected. But, for all intents and purposes, Pike County Country Club is a typical rural Missouri country club, with a country-style club house, pool and 9 hole course that has two sets of tees to give their members an 18 hole feel. The course is fairly well manicured, particularly for a club with a waning membership base. If the club received an influx of cash I think I would invest it in turf management, since many of their grasses are in need of some improvement. But, for the most part this is a nice little club of which the members should be proud. Interestingly, Pike CCC had many golf-themed scultures, carved out of tree trunks strewn throughout the tree-lined fairways. These were pretty cool. Go to our Facebook page to see a few examples and many other pictures: www.facebook.com/mogolftour

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  4. Porto Cima
  5. Dalhousie

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  1. Buffalo Ridge Springs
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  4. Shoal Creek
  5. Tapawingo

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  2. Staff - Norwood Hills
  3. Longest - Fox Run
  4. Most Fun - St. Louis CC
  5. Best Overall - Buffalo Ridge