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Jackson Park Golf Course

Jackson Park
Golf Course

Location: Palmyra

Address: 1222 W Line St, Palmyra, MO 63461

Phone: (573) 769-3000

Type: Public

Holes: 9

Par: 35

Quality/Cost Ratio (1 - 10): 9

Course Condition: 6.5

Difficulty: 7.5

Fairway Grass: Mix; many bare spots

Green Type: Bent

Rough: See fairway grass

Stimpmeter: 9

Club House: Locked, but at least they have one

Walkability: 8.5

Slope: n/a, but I estimate it to be 116

Yardage: 2,805 - 3,023

Overall Rating (1 - 5):


Comments: Jackson Park is actually a pretty darned nice course and would rate much higher if the fairways weren't so threadbare. The greens and bluegrass tee boxes were very, very nice for the most part. They just hired a new superintendent, Ryan Morrison, and the regulars say that he has already made a major impact on the quality of the course. So, I imagine that Mr. Morrison will start focusing his energy on the fairways and roughs. Frankly though, the greens fees are only 5 bucks so Jackson Park is one of the best values in the state; with a cart the total is $10. The greens are medium size with a 3' to 4' slope, usually from the back to the front so the greens have some big breaks. The layout is relatively open since most holes are contiguous with other holes, hence the lower slope rating (that I estimated). For more pictures of the course go to: www.facebook.com/mogolftour

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Vandalia Country Club

Country Club

Location: Vandalia

Address: 4172 US-54, Curryville, MO 63339

Phone: (573) 594-6666

Type: Private

Holes: 9

Par: 36

Quality/Cost Ratio (1 -10): n/a

Course Condition: 6.5

Difficulty: 6.5

Fairway Grass: Blue/Fescue Mix

Green Type: Bent

Rough: Short, mix

Stimpmeter: 8

Club House: Not used

Walkability: 8

Slope: 113

Yardage: 3,140

Overall Rating: 1 Star

Comments: Vandalia Country Club is the only game in town, literally. The course is a typical rural country club with a small but loyal base of members. The greens are mostly small, postage stamp size with a big slope from back to front. There are only 2 bunkers on the course and a few other hazards including OB along the parameter and some water/ditches. The 9 holes demand a variety of shots and is not nearly as easy as it looks. A special thanks to former Chief of Police, Tony Laird, for his tutelage on the course. For more pictures please visit our Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/mogolftour

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Hannibal Country Club

Country Club

Location: Hannibal

Address: 1200 Country Club Dr., Hannibal, MO 63401

Phone: (573) 248-1123

Type: Private

Holes: 9

Par: 35

Quality/Cost Ratio (1 - 10): n/a

Course Condition: 7

Difficulty: 7

Fairway Grass: 1/2 Blue/other, 1/2 Zoyzia

Green Type: Bent

Rough: Mix, 2"

Stimpmeter: 9

Club House: Full service

Walkability: 8

Slope: 109 to 114

Yardage: 2,568 - 2,880

Overall Rating (1 to 5):


Comments: The tees and greens at Hannibal CC are in beautiful condition and they are working on improving the rest of the course. They planted strips of zoysia in all fairways in 2013 and they are not yet filled in. When they do fill in the course will be significantly better. The roughs also need a little turf management but the lack of rain really had an impact on this old school country club. There are mature trees lining most of the fairways and, because they are spaced about 16' apart, they are not as punitive as they could be. One kind of odd aspect of the course is that there is a road cutting across the approach shot on the 4th hole, about 40 yards from the green. I can assure you that 30% of the approach shots into this par 4 will hit the road. But, its part of the course, like a lake. At least this hazard has a chance of bouncing to the green . . . For more pictures please visit our Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/mogolftour

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