Roy L. Beck
Memorial Golf Course

Roy L. Beck Memorial Golf Course

Location: Eminence

Address: Tom Akers Road East, Eminence, MO 65466

Phone: (573) 226-3018

Type: Public

Holes: 9

Par: 36

Quality/Cost Ratio (1 -10): 6.5

Course Condition: 3

Difficulty: 6.5

Fairway Grass: Bermuda

Green Type: Pencross

Rough: Too long, comprised of a mix of grasses

Stimpmeter: 7.5

Club House: A few balls and minimal snacks for sale.

Walkability: 2 (would be a 7.5 if it wasn't for "Heart Attack Hill" (their name, not mine). This hill went 1/4 mile straight up a path through dense woods.

Slope: n/a

Yardage: 2,131 to 2,847

Overall Rating (1 to 5):

Comments: The story goes that Mr. Roy L. Beck left his property to the city for a golf course if they could make it work. Well they did and it has been around since 1996. It is a little rough around the edges but I would definitely play here if I lived in the area. The 8th hole is a 204 yard par 4, straight downhill. What makes this hole very unusual, and very special, is that there are 2 huge trees 50 to 100 yards from the green. The most common strategy is likely to hit your ball to the gap between the trees and fade it towards the green. I've got to think that 95% of the people who play this course will go for the green on the drive. But, the problem is that if you spray the ball, especially to the right, you are in serious trouble. Plus, the odds are very good you will hit one of the trees and who knows where your ball will end up. The picture above is from the tee on this hole. Would you go for it? For more pictures of the course go to:

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