The Links at Columbia Golf and Country Club

The Links at Columbia Golf and Country Club

Location: Columbia

Address: 5000 Clark Ln, Columbia, MO 65202

Phone: (573) 474-4399

Type: Public

Holes: 9

Par: 36

Quality/Cost Ratio (1 -10): 1

Course Condition: 3

Difficulty: 10

Fairway Grass: Zoysia-ish

Green Type: Bent-ish

Rough: Crab and other unrecognizable grasses

Stimpmeter: 9.5

Club House: Apartment Building

Walkability: 1

Slope: 185 (I made that up - but this is the hardest course I have ever played)

Yardage: 2,539 - 3,092

Overall Rating:


One possible explanation on how and why this course was designed:

Rich Apartment Developer (RAD): Well Bob, we are in the final construction phase our huge apartment community in Columbia, MO. This thing is so big we could build a golf course in between the units.

Bob: Hey RAD, I think you are on to something. Let’s build a 9-hole course scattered among all of the apartment buildings. It’ll be a great selling point to these college kids. We’ll let them play for free but charge non-residents a ridiculous $20 (for a nine hole course).

RAD: Now you’re thinking Bob. We’ll call it the Links at Columbia Golf and Country Club.

Bob: Hey, that’s kind of catchy. The only problem is that since we built the apartments first, I’m not sure we can fit actual holes in between the buildings. Don’t you have to plan for that kind of thing?

RAD: Who knows? I’ve never actually played golf so I have no idea. But, RAD, Jr. is on the high school golf team and he can design it for us.

Bob: I didn’t know little RADDY played golf.

RAD: He didn’t until this year. The school requires that all students play on one of the school teams so he went out for the golf team because he doesn’t like contact sports.

Bob: Perfect! This thing is gonna be huge!

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