Deer Run Golf Course

Deer Run Golf Course

Location: Van Buren

Address: Highway M Van Buren, MO 63965

Phone: (573) 323-8475

Type: Public

Holes: 9

Par: 36

Quality/Cost Ratio (1 -10): 1

Course Condition: 1

Difficulty: 5

Fairway Grass: Weeds

Green Type: (Fairway) Bermuda

Rough: No difference from fairway

Stimpmeter: 6

Club House: Cabin shack

Walkability: 5

Slope: n/a

Yardage: 3,030

Overall Rating (1 to 5):

Comments: ***WARNING*** Deer Run is the worst golf course in Missouri (at least so far), maybe the country. I knew I was in trouble when:
1. The course was not showing up on my GPS.
2. The club house looks like something from the ghetto, with discarded equipment strewn around the property.
3. I thought there was no one managing the "pro shop" until the owner finally came out in white socks (sans shoes), denim cut-off shorts and a gray "wife beater" t-shirt.
4. The fairways were indistinguishable from the roughs and the surrounding area.
5. They had no score cards. They just weren't out; they haven't had any printed in years.
6. In fact, I do not think they have had a player there since 1996.
7. The owner said that bent grass greens were too expensive to maintain so they replaced it with bermuda.
8. The green fees were crazy for this "course." $20 for 9 holes.
9. There was one par 3 that had a tee box and no green in sight.
10. If Burt Reynolds and his buddies from Deliverance were going on a golf weekend instead of canoeing, this is where they would have gone. Actually, they could have gone here for canoeing too since the course is adjacent to the Current River. You have got to see more of the pictures from this "course." Go to:

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